Ski Accommodation Australia | Cheap Ski Packages

Snow Holiday Packages Australia

Holiday / October 28, 2023

Considering a ski or snow trip? Our own backyard is a world-class destination for skiers and snowboarders. Australia’s leading ski resorts have plenty to please every snow-goer – the intrepid skier, the intermediate adventurer and the curious beginner.

Why ski Australia?

The winding ski fields of Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania offer breathtaking views, charming alpine villages, fine dining, industry-leading facilities and a ski season that spans two lots of school holidays – all without the hassle (and cost) of overseas travel.

Your snow holiday, your way

Snowscene can tailor ski holiday packages in Australia to tick your every box. We specialise in fun family jaunts that won’t break the bank; trips for couples seeking a romantic retreat; luxurious alpine breaks for small groups; and high-octane adventures for adrenaline junkies.

Depending on your priorities, we can select the best Australian ski resort for you and take care of the finer details – from transport and accommodation to lift passes and equipment hire.

Enjoy ski holidays in Australia with Snowscene

Our trusted team of travel agents have tried and tested every type of snow getaway under the sun. That’s why you can be sure they’ll look after you and take care of everything – lodgings, lift passes, lessons – so you can hit the slopes without a care in the world!

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