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Holiday / December 26, 2022

Our 5 night 'all inclusive' and 'bed & breakfast' rates offer substantial discounts off the full rates.

Pinetrees has hosted families for over 100 years, and many people who came as children now bring their own children and grandchildren.

Even in 'peak season', couples can find private beaches for lazy picnics, relaxing swims and the odd bottle of champagne.

Lord Howe Island Holiday Deals and Packages

All rates are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST.

Longer stays

Stays longer than 5 nights attract additional discounts off the rack rate.


Our 5 night 'all inclusive' rate includes island airport transfers, use of lodge facilities and all meals - full breakfast, lunch (either at Pinetrees, gourmet BBQ hamper or packed lunch), afternoon tea and 4 or 5 course dinner. The 5 night 'all inclusive' rate excludes drinks, airfares and other applicable levies and taxes. Our 5 night 'bed & breakfast' rate includes island airport transfers, use of lodge facilities, full breakfast, afternoon tea, 4 or 5 course dinner on the night of arrival and evening transport to local restaurants. The 5 night 'bed & breakfast' rate excludes drinks, airfares and other applicable levies and taxes.

Bed & Breakfast rate

There are no cooking or self catering facilities at Pinetrees, so all 'bed and breakfast' guests should have lunch and dinner at local cafes and restaurants. 'Bed and breakfast' guests are welcome to book for lunch or dinner at Pinetrees by 9am on the day, although seats are not guaranteed due to high demand. The 'bed and breakfast' rate is not available for our 3 Bedroom Cottage, 4 Bedroom Cottage or Garden Cottages. The 'bed and breakfast' rate is not available for any rooms from 20 December to 20 January (inclusive). All guests in each room must book the same rate (i.e all guests must be on an ''all inclusive' rate or 'bed & breakfast' rate). Pinetrees will not accept bookings with mixed rates within one room.


Pinetrees Travel provides the best available airfares to Lord Howe Island. Qantaslink is the only airline to service Lord Howe Island and has connections from 750 global destinations as part of the One World Alliance. International travellers can sometimes include flights to and from Lord Howe in tickets to Australia. Please check with your travel agent. You can then use our accommodation rates for land content only.

Travel insurance

Flights to Lord Howe Island are sometimes cancelled due to weather. It is important that you purchase travel insurance that covers the cost of additional accommodation, or lost accommodation, due to 'weather' cancellations.

Check-in & check-out

Check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is 10am. Early check-ins and late check-outs are sometimes available. Please check with Pinetrees staff on the day.

Sole Use

Sole use of rooms is permitted at the advertised rates. There is no sole use available from 20 December to 20 January.

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