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Holiday islands Near Australia

Holiday / July 2, 2024

snorkeling at the Franklin IslandThe complete reef and island experience in one day awaits with this exciting cruise! A fast 45 minute catamaran ride across the Coral Sea from Cairns will take you to beautiful Green Island to enjoy two hours on this unique reef and rainforest coral cay.

Your Green Island Discovery includes both snorkelling and an informative glass bottom boat tour to fully experience this beautiful Great Barrier Reef island. You can enjoy up to 7 hours on this island paradise.

Your Green Island Eco Adventure gives you the choice of a glass bottom boat coral viewing tour or snorkelling equipment. Choose your way to experience the reef – stay dry and view from a glass bottom boat or choose to snorkel directly from the white sandy beaches.

Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is a continental island located 45 minutes from Cairns. Much of the island is protected by the Nature Conservation Act of 1992 so it's a no go zone for visitors but there is still heaps to see and do on the western side of the island. Visitors can walk on designated trails that take you from the northern end of the island, past the lighthouse and to the island's highest point which gives you a great 360 degree view of the region.

The best snorkelling and sand beach is located at Welcome Bay you can literally walk from beach to some awesome fringe reef. Here you'll also find the Fitzroy Island Resort which has a range of accommodation types from luxury ocean suites, backpacker hostel type rooms, beach cabins and quarters for divers. There's lots to do at the resort including a great night life scene at Foxy's Bar and Cafe. Day visitors are also more than welcome to come and enjoy Fitzroy Island.

Low IslesFerry transfers to and from Fitzroy Island can be bundled with a host of exciting and relaxing activities including picnic lunch, snorkelling, glass bottom boat cruises and calm water kayaking. Check out the options available and book online now!

The Frankland Islands

The islands that make up the Frankland Island Sector are High, Normanby, Russel, Round and Mabel and are all totally uninhabited, except by the local animals. They are located only 10km offshore from the mainland and are a popular recreational spot for fisherman, local boat owners and also tour operators who also do take visitors out to these interesting islands.

Russell Island is one of the most popular islands and has 6 campsites. Russell Island makes for a popular home for a lot of marine life however the Green Sea Turtle also makes Russell its nesting spot. There is one tour operator who takes daytrippers to Normanby Island for a river, reef and island adventure.

Lizard IslandLow Isles

The Low Isles is made up of two separate islands, Woody Island an uninhabited island and another Low Isle which is the main reason tourists come out here.

Low Isle is small, coral cay and is surrounded by fantastic tropical reef. The island is picture perfect and a great place to visit for a day of snorkelling and diving. On the island is an active lighthouse which was built back in 1878. This lighthouse was the first of its kind in Far North Queensland and helped lead boats through the Great Barrier Reef Inner Passage.

Not a confident swimmer, but want to experience the Great Barrier Reef? At Low Isles you can snorkel straight off the beach, enjoy coral viewing on a glass bottom boat, take a leisurely guided walk around the island or simply relax on the sandy beach. Do as much or as little as you like!

Lizard Island

Lizard Island is one of the most secluded and luxurious island's in the Great Barrier Reef system. The hotel has garnered a number of awards and is the perfect place for a romantic holiday or quiet relaxing time with friends. There are 24 white sand beaches and 40 suites so it is near impossible to run into your neighbour. Guests to the island travel to the island via air from Cairns Airport and land on the Lizard Island Airport. The island was not always a playground of the rich it was also very special to the Dingaal Aboriginal people as it was the place of initiation for the young males of the tribe. They believe that Lizard Island and the small islands that follow on from it were created in the Dreamtime in the shape of a stingray.

Dunk Island

For well over 100 years people have been escaping to Dunk Island for peace, tranquillity, fun and to enjoy island life. The resort we see today has changed dramatically since its humble beginnings which grew up around famed author and naturalist EJ Bamfield.

couple dining on Dunk Island beach lifesaver Villa Point accommodation clown fish

Source: www.cairns-australia.com