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Hotels in Adelaide South Australia

South Australia / May 2, 2023

Whether you are on a family holiday, couples’ getaway, or taking a solo retreat, you can find hotels in Adelaide to meet your needs. From budget hotels to 5-star hotels with incredible water views, Adelaide accommodation spans all price ranges and styles. Book your ideal hotel right here on, where our passion for travel means we always track down the best accommodation around.

Travel Basics

You can arrive in Adelaide right at the Adelaide Airport (ADL), which sits conveniently a mere 7 kilometers from the city center. A taxi or shuttle will bring you into the heart of the city. After you get settled in, it’s easy to make your way around Adelaide on foot or bicycle. A free shuttle tram is also available between South Terrace and the City of West Campus and North Terrace at the University of South Australia.

Plan Your Getaway to Adelaide

From savory food to water access, Adelaide is a prime holiday destination. Make your excursion relaxing and comfortable by booking the perfect accommodation on today. Whether you seek Adelaide serviced apartments or Adelaide airport hotels, you will have plenty of options. We make it easy to filter Adelaide hotels by brand, theme, amenities and more. Our travel experts always find you the best deals, and Expedia never charges a booking fee!

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