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Camping / February 16, 2023

First Rate Camping Cookware and Accessories Available Online in Australia

Planning out all the equipment you’ll need for your next camping adventure? Well make sure you stock up on all the campfire cookware you’ll need from an Australian owned supplier. Aussie Disposals’ online collection includes everything from cast iron cookware, tin billies, gas stoves, teapot billies, campfire fuel and much more.

When Aussie’s plan their camping adventures, they think Aussie Disposals. We’ll have all of the gear you’ll need to ensure you and your family, or friends are fed and ready to brave the great outdoors.

What cookware will I need?

Discerning what campfire cookware you’ll need will come down to a number of factors. How long are you going for? How many of you are going? And what are you planning on cooking?

For a day trip, you may only need some stainless steel food flasks to contain some hot soup. For a weekend trip or longer, however, you’ll most likely need some cast iron pans, pots, steam racks, cooking tripods and maybe some oven gloves to handle your hot cookware. You’ll also need something to cook your food and this will depend on whether you’re hoping to use a gas operated stove, or go full-bush and use the traditional campfire setup.

Whatever you decide, we’ll have all of the gear and equipment you’ll need. We have large gas stoves with enough surface area to accommodate larger pots and pans, and we also have smaller stove units for heating up billy cans and small pots. Otherwise, stock up on our supply of wood chips to ensure your campfire’s always blazing along nicely.