Camp Woodward: Top Tips Before You Go | UPDATED 2017

Camp Woodward Australia

Camping / January 18, 2023

Our boys had a great summer this year. Even with school in full swing and Labor Day behind us, they are still reminiscing about what a great summer it was. Why? Because it was the first summer that they each went to sleep-over camp. Although they didn’t go to camp together, they both went to the same camp: . And let me tell you, we think it is the coolest camp on the planet.

(video courtesy of the Woodward at Copper YouTube channel)


1. Snow. The Woodward camps run from June through July. And, yes, even in late July in Colorado, campers are on the snow every morning. The terrain park is in place and ready to go, with rails, boxes and jumps. But if you want to use the park, you gotta be a camper.

2. The Barn. When campers are not training on the snow, they are training in the 19, 400 square foot Barn. Six olympic grade trampolines, 23, 000 cubes of foam in three huge foam pits, a 35 feet tall snowflex jump, a quarter pipe, a spring floor: there is a bunch of cool stuff in the barn, most of which I cannot identify by name. If you are curious as to what is in the Barn, click here.

3. Top-Level Coaching. Our sons went to two different sessions, but each had the same coach, Kim. Yeah, she’s medalled at the X-Games. She’s darn nice too. And, during each session, a couple of pro skiers are in attendance to work with and inspire campers. Our boys met Colby West and Chris Benchetler. The cool factor of meeting these top-level athletes, working with them and collecting swag from their sponsors cannot be overestimated.

4. Free Time. Go-Karts, bungee trampolines, diggeling (downhill kick-biking), climbing wall, skateboard, free gym in the Barn, bumper boats, tie-dying, s’mores. The camp staff keeps everyone busy and entertained when campers are not working on their skills.

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