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Main Tourist Attractions in Australia

Attractions / April 28, 2024

There are so many great activities to enjoy in Australia. Both visitors and locals can participate in an incredible array of activities, including sightseeing, theme parks, spectacular natural wonders, outdoor adventures, adrenaline experiences, wineries, excellent restaurants, guided tours, galleries, museums and much more.

Australia is full of many unique and adventurous locations so the options are endless. One day you could be walking through the rainforest then the next you could be sand boarding down the dunes!

We have a range of leisure activities all over Australia for a range of ages and a range of budgets.

A Quick Search facility for tours, activities and experiences is below:

In addition to tours, activities and experiences there are also the stunning beaches where you can relax or enjoy the numerous water activities. There really is so much to see and do in Australia. Our Activities have been divided into the followng main categories, to help you discover this great country:

Australian Attractions

There are thousands of attractions listed on Australian Explorer, with hundreds more experiences and tours listed within their own separate categories.

Australian Experiences

The experiences section of Australian Explorer offers you the chance to take part in adrenalin adventures such as Sky Diving, Para Gliding, Jet Fighter flights, as well as relaxing and themed experiences. There are wining and dining experiences, driving experiences such as Rally Driving, Karting and Off Road Adventures and much more. There is literally something for everyone. Alternatively, select from one of the many tourist attractions or tours.

Australian Tours

The Tours section of Australian Explorer features a selection of guided tours, where everything is taken care for you. Tours within this section include Half Day Tours, Day Tours (up to 1 day), Short Tours (up to 4 days) and Extended Tours (more than 4 days). Several of the tours also last a number of weeks, whilst others offer a 'hop on / hop off' service lasting for up to 6 months of travel.

Tours are a great way to learn about Australia frompeople who really know Australia. Australian Explorer also features a wide number of tourist attractions and adventure experiences.

Australian Restaurants

Australians love all types of food and are very proud of the multicultural dining options. When combined together, Australian Restaurants offer almost all towns and cities a vast range of dining options. From Modern Asian restaurants to sensational steakhouses or 5 star fine dining, all over Australia there is a dining option to suit even the most discerning. Australian Explorer’s Restaurant section offers a wide selection of restaurants across almost all cities and suburbs in Australia.

Australian Fishing and Boating

Fishing (and Boating) is one of the most popular pastimes in Australia. Australia really is a water loving country with locals and visitors enjoting being in it, on it, under it or even just near it. Australia offers fantastic fishing across the country plus many beautiful beaches and rivers as well as the stunning Sydney Harbour, all of which are great for a day out boating or fishing.