10 Pictures That Prove Australia Is The Scariest Place In The World

Pictures of Places in Australia

Best Place / March 15, 2024

Australia is an enormous land mass with most residents residing on the coast of the urban cities, so there is plenty of space for the wildlife to roam outside of the cities. However, there are creepy creatures found is some of the oddest of places that would scare anyone who wasn’t prepared. The frightening thing is that it’s not just man vs. animal, sometimes it is animal vs. animal and only the well-equipped wins the fight.

Slippery Sneak Or Slithering Snake?

Australian Police were summoned to a charity store in the Queensland town of Ingham, when the owner suspected a burglary had taken place. It turns out that the suspect was a 19-foot Python weighing nearly 38 pounds, that had fallen through a damaged roof.

Mega Bats The Size Of A Toddler!

The Flying Fox is a giant bat that is real and inhabits dense forest areas. They sleep mostly during the day in colonies of hundreds, hanging up in the trees. At night, they go out to feed and return before dawn.

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