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Sydney / March 11, 2024

Vineyards, Hunter Valley


Accessible delights

Getting to the beautiful Hunter Valley is easy. When you arrive in Australia’s oldest wine region there are delightful ways to experience the vineyards and cellar doors, from scenic drives to local tours to cycling. You can even ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Escape to the wonderful Hunter Valley

Delicious food and wine experiences in the beautiful Hunter Valley are easily accessible, whether you drive, join a bus tour, take a train or fly. The most direct drive north from Sydney is two hours via the M1 motorway, following the Cessnock/Hunter Valley Vineyards exit sign to Cessnock.

The Chinese Garden, Hunter Valley Garden, HunterFor a scenic road trip, take the Calga exit on the M1 for Tourist Drive 33 and explore the convict trail – the World Heritage-listed Great North Road. You can stop at the Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park and drive through enchanting wilderness into the Hunter Valley, via picturesque Wollombi.

NSW TrainLink trains depart from Sydney's Central Station for Newcastle suburbs and the Hunter Valley towns of Maitland and Singleton. Connecting buses and tours will help you explore the region further. Coach and boutique wine-tasting tours depart from Sydney and other centres in Regional NSW.

Flying to the Hunter Valley is another option, with daily flights from Sydney and other cities to Newcastle Airport, where you can rent a car for the easy drive to the vineyards. Helicopter tours, with golf and dining packages, are also available from Sydney to Australia’s oldest wine region.

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