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Western Australia School Holidays

Western Australia / April 1, 2024

There is a substantial body of research indicating that children’s relationships and experiences prior to school have an enduring impact on developmental outcomes, leading to sturdy or fragile foundations for life-long learning, health and behaviour. Parents are children’s first and most influential teachers. Interventions focussed on supporting healthy, nurturing and stimulating family environments for children are considered most effective.

Playgroup is a powerful key to enhancing home learning environments before children start their school years.

Playgroup is an ideal opportunity for providing evidenced based information and support to families as a universal strategy with the ability for more targeted strategies for the most vulnerable children and families.

  • Support community led (family run) playgroups on or near school sites
  • Strengthen relationships between playgroups and schools
  • Enhance family confidence in engaging in playful learning activities at home

(For more information please see: AEDC Evaluation Report and ARACY Engaging Families in the Early Childhood Development Story and Projects).

How we can help

Playgroup development officers are available to work with schools in starting up a family run playgroup at the school or linking with nearby community playgroups.

You may also find these resources useful:

Project funding and support

This is a state wide project. It is an initiative of the National Partnership on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education WA Steering Group. This project is funded by the Australian Government in partnership with the Western Australian Government Department of Education and the Department of Local Government and Communities. The project is supported by the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia and the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia.