Casablanca Palms on the Beach (Palm Beach, Australia) |

Palm Beach Australia Hotels

Hotels / January 17, 2023

The pure white kitchen runs off the hall, its white appliances and crockery offset by Indonesian pots and masks. Fully equipped with fridge freezer, oven, microwave, and a laundry room next door with washing machine and dryer, there's all you need for a comfortable stay - including bottles of Moet and Chablis in the fridge on arrival!

Take your pick where to eat. You can have breakfast in the kitchen - there's a small table with refectory benches - or on the sun deck overlooking Barrenjoey Head (beware the cheeky rainbow lorikeets who will cadge food from you!). For lunch, there is a BBQ area on the shady side of the house, with table, chairs and a gas-fired grill. Or inside there's a table for 6 in the open plan living-dining room, with great views over the ocean.

There are plenty of delis and grocery shops around; the nearby suburb of Avalon is renowned for the quality of its food shops.

But don't work too hard in the kitchen - there are excellent cafes and restaurants in Palm Beach, Pittwater and Avalon. We particularly liked Barrenjoey House; others nearby include Ancora, Beach Road, Prontos Cafe and Jonah's (the nearest, at about 800m). A list of recommended places with contact details is in the house. You can also arrange dinner party catering for that special occasion.

Features include:

  • Children meals
  • Fridge
  • Full kitchen
  • In house cook
  • Microwave
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