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What is the Best bank in Australia?

Best Place / December 19, 2023

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    Whether you're looking for low fee accounts, online accounts or high interest accounts, Mozo can guide you through the Australian banking maze.

    Our database lets you quickly compare bank accounts throughout Australia by fees and features, and covers hundreds of accounts from major banks, regional banks and credit unions.

    Making a quick and easy comparison

    Before you compare bank accounts (also known as transaction accounts), it helps to make a quick list of the features and access what you need for your day-to-day banking.

    Questions to ask include: How many transactions do you make each month? Do you want extras like a debit card or a cheque book? Do you require internet banking?

    To make a quick and easy transaction account comparison, our nifty comparison tools let you filter Australian accounts by your desired features to help you find the best bank accounts for your needs. You can shortlist and compare your selection side-by-side.

    Finding the right bank account

    If you make a large number of ATM and EFTPOS transactions each month, compare bank accounts that give you unlimited electronic transactions for one low monthly fee. These days some accounts even offer unlimited transactions with no monthly fees. If you want to make purchases online also think about an account with a debit card attached.

    Those who intend to maintain a high account balance from month to month should consider a high interest bank account that pays a good interest on your money, while still giving you all the convenience of a regular everyday transaction account.

    With Mozo you can compare bank accounts Australia wide by interest rate, monthly account fee, monthly free transactions and more.

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