My Top Ten Backpacker Tips for Australia |

Backpacker Accommodation Australia

Accommodation / January 17, 2023

Travelling inexpensively around NSW is easy with the great range of hostel and backpacker accommodation available. Meet like-minded fellow travellers and enjoy all the facilities you could want and need for a hassle-free stay.

NSW is home to some of Australia's most beautiful coastal regions, and one not to miss is Jervis Bay on the South Coast. The region is just a couple of hours' drive from Sydney and this idyllic pocket of pristine beaches, National Parks and friendly seaside communities is a great spot to hang out all year round. You'll find great hostel accommodation in Lake Conjola and Ulladulla.

On NSW's North Coast, head straight to the seaside haven of Port Stephens, famous for its snorkelling, Stockton Bight sand dunes and great hostels in Anna Bay and Boat Harbour, just minutes' walk from One Mile Beach. Further north, backpackers are also sorted in Byron Bay, with accommodation right in the heart of town or next to the beach.

In the Blue Mountains, there are heaps of hostels close to Katoomba's shops, eateries and Echo Point. You'll also find backpacker accommodation in the Megalong Valley and Jenolan Caves, one of the oldest cave systems in the world.

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