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Sydney / July 31, 2023

Australia's long summer is coming to a close as both Sydney and Melbourne are hit by a blast of wintry weather this week

Early morning temperatures below 10C have been forecast for at least some towns in both states, while many places across NSW are likely to see temperatures close to zero.

Sydney and Melbourne will see lows of 10C on both Thursday and Friday this week, with the weather not set to be much better as the weekend rolls around.

The Bureau of Meteorology said temperatures dropped to around 9 to 10C in Melbourne this morning as the city dealt with a winter blast and rain that caused the closure of two train stations due to flooding.

'So far today, we have had a top temperature of 14.5C, it's the coldest day of the year so far and there's been quite a lot of rainfall, ' senior forecaster Scott Williams told Daily Mail Australia.

Frosty morning temperatures are expected over Victoria and New South Wales on Thursday after a major cold front crosses the southeast parts of Australia.

Sydney and Melbourne will see minimum temperatures of 10C on both Thursday and Friday

'In the last 48 hours, the city has had 42mm of rain and other parts of Victoria have had up to 70mm.

'So a lot of rainfall and very gusty winds around the metropolitan area of up to about 70km/h, which makes it feels a lot cooler. It feels like 9 degrees.'

Mr Williams said the weather in Melbourne will remain cold for the next few days.

'It will stay cold tomorrow, it will be cold and cloudy, around 15 degrees. We are in for a pretty extended spell of cooler weather.'

Hail and rain hit Melbourne during peak hour on Wednesday with a thunderstorm moving across the CBD.

A women sits under her umbrella as a large cold front brings unsettled weather across Victoria

The Bureau of Meteorology said temperatures dropped to around 9 to 10C in Melbourne this morning as the city dealt with a winter blast and rain

A severe weather warning in place for most of Victoria was lifted early on Wednesday afternoon.

Parts of Victoria have already received almost twice the average rainfall this month, with some areas, including Melbourne, recording the wettest April in 16 years.

The BoM has recorded 107mm in rainfall in Melbourne so far this month –compared with the usual 57mm for the full 30 days, making it the wettest April since 2001.

It's been even wetter in other parts of the state, such as Hamilton in western Victoria, which has experienced its wettest April in 33 years.

Thunderstorms in Melbourne caused the closure of two train stations due to flooding

A severe weather warning for most of Victoria was lifted early on Wednesday afternoon

Meanwhile, Sydney will be hit by a cold spell – but will not see as much rain as Melbourne.

'A blustery cold change is on the way – we are looking at gusts around 80km/h, ' Mr Williams said.

'Sydney has been up to 25 degrees today but it's going to be quite a bit cooler over the next few days.'

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