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Sydney / January 19, 2023

The best Sydney hotels in the CBDFrom time to time I receive requests from readers asking me about where to stay in Sydney. Most readers that get in touch want to know which hotels would be a good, no-nonsense option. As it turns out, having worked in the local hospitality industry for a number of years it is quite easy for me to put together a list of suitable accommodation options.

These hotels are all high middle to top class properties in a central location in Sydney. They are ideal for people who like to go shopping or who travel with small children. These hotels are also great for visitors who are not comfortable using public transport to see the most important sights.

Sydney isn’t a cheap travel destination and you may at first find the rates a bit steep at first. But in Sydney as in all other parts of this world you get what you pay for, and these properties listed below will ensure that you will have a comfortable stay in this beautiful city.

I have taken extra care to provide you with the best information using a mix of my own knowledge and some research.

Disclaimer: If you book using the links that are supplied with each hotel I may receive a small commission which would be fantastic. You will be re-directed to our partner who are one of the world leaders in online hotel accommodation bookings. This is at no extra cost to you.

Oaks Goldsborough Apartments

The Oaks Goldsborough Apartments are a very popular choice for visitors to the city. The location is great – right next to the entertainment district of Darling Harbour, yet far away from the noise of the city centre.

The apartments and studios are located in an 1800’s heritage listed building and feature modern furnishing and a practical kitchen, so you can prepare your own meals (great if you want to save on food costs!). Some of the apartments have great views of Darling Habour, so you can watch the fireworks on Saturday nights! The indoor pool is a bit small but very pretty.
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Rydges World Square Sydney Hotel

This Rydges hotel is -bang!- right in the southern part of the city centre. This is the cheaper, more vibrant end of the CBD, where you will find some interesting shops, restaurants and cafes, and only a couple of steps away from Chinatown (where you will find even more cheap eateries!).

Shopping is great here too – the Rydges is part of the bigger World Square complex which is a shopping centre featuring a number of high-street fashion stores, a supermarket and a big Asian supermarket, hair dressers, eateries and so forth. About a 10 minutes walk away you will find Pitt Street Mall which is the heart of the Sydney fashion scene.

Hyatt Regency Sydney Darling Harbour

The Hyatt Regency is a massive hotel building (in fact, it’s the biggest in Australia with 648 rooms!) overlooking Darling Harbour, but on the CBD side. The iconic curve of the building is very recognisable.

The modern rooms partly overlook the water, the suites will have wrap-around balconies. The hotel is right next to Chinatown where you will find the best, cheapest Asian food, and just a couple of steps from the more up-market restaurants around Darling Harbour. These are lovely for dinner and breakfasts.

Also, just a couple of steps and you will be at SeaLife, Madame Tussaud’s, the IMAX, the Maritime Museum and Wildlife World, so a great location for families with kids.
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ADGE Apartment Hotel

A funky and fresh apartment hotel in Surry Hills, so technically not in the CBD, however Surry Hills is just a walk or a short bus ride away. Plus, it is one of the most popular inner city suburbs that you can find in Sydney – I can assure you that you will be very close to some very lovely bars and nightspots.

But you don’t need to walk far thanks to the in-house Italian and the Japanese restaurants. There are many little things that will win you over, such as the nightly turndown service or the complimentary cheese platter. However, it’s the warm service and the attention to detail that will definitely win you over in no time at all.

Grace Hotel Sydney

The Grace is a classic when it comes to inner city hotels – personally I find the Neo-Gothic facade fascinating. The building used to be the headquarters of Grace Brothers, a department store chain which was very successful in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Inside, you are greeted by a distinguished Art Deco interior… a feast for your eyes!

The location of the Grace Hotel is fantastic. It is right in the middle of the city centre, so that you can reach the Queen Victoria Building (stunning tourist attraction and first-class shopping experience) in just a couple of minutes. Pitt Street Mall is equally easy to reach, and so is Darling Harbour.

The rooms are fresh-looking, spacious and comfortable, and if you like Irish Pubs then you will be happy to hear that there is one of the best in Sydney right on the ground floor.
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Travelodge Wynyard Sydney

The Travelodge near Wynyard Station is a no-nonsense choice when it comes to hotel accommodation in Sydney. It is positioned in the northern part of the CBD, closer to The Rocks and Circular Quay than Chinatown.

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