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Southdown sheep Australia

South Australia / June 23, 2023

Mama sheepAt Ponda Estate we run a flock of heritage Southdown sheep in the vineyard.

The short stature of these sheep make them outstanding weeders in the vineyards.

At only 50cm tall they can’t easily reach the grapes, they remove the unwanted shoots from the vine trunks, their relatively light weight doesn’t impact the soil and their manure helps with soil fertility.


The Southdown breed originated in the South ‘Downs’ of Sussex County in England. They are one of the oldest of the Down breeds.

Lamb tripletsEnglish farms kept these sheep for the flavorful meat and fine fleece. In the early 1800’s these small, chunky Southdowns were imported to Australia.

The Southdown sheep raised by commercial growers today are larger than the traditional Southdown of years past.

LambieHowever, our sheep are descended from the old Metcalf Brothers flock (Metcalfe, Victoria) and the Bell flock (Bellarine Peninsula) and have maintained their smaller size.

In America and New Zealand, heritage Southdown sheep are commonly known as Babydolls – a reference to their very cute, smiling, teddy-bear like faces.

rams20142013The Babydoll Southdown breed is perfect for vineyards and smaller acreage farms.

Sheep for sale

From time to time we have Southdown “babydoll” sheep available for sale.

Lambing generally takes place in August/September and lambs are available in the new year.

Information regarding lamb and sheep sales will be placed on this website as lambs/sheep become available.

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