Warm hearts on a cool day | Parramatta Sun

Australia Day at Parramatta Park

Park / March 27, 2024

Fresh from hosting the first ever Sydney edition of FOMO Festival, Parramatta Park is set to host a free Australia day mini-festival featuring a host of killer Aussie acts.

Over a whopping 15-hour day, The City of Parramatta Council will put on a family-friendly day of live music and entertainment, including sets from legendary Aussie rockers Eskimo Joe and Blue Mountains hip hop four-piece Thundamentals.

The main Crescent stage will also feature Thandi Phoenix, BEATZ and Jie Pitman, while you’ll be able to catch the likes of L-Fresh The Lion, Olympia, Kuren and Bluejuice’s Jake Stone on the Aerial stage.

The morning will also see a hot air balloon display, and the rest of the day will also feature BBQs, rides, vintage cars and workshops, wrapping up at 9pm with a massive fireworks display.

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Australia Day Parramatta Lineup

Eskimo Joe

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