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Hotels / March 16, 2024

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: HOT) today announced it has signed an agreement with Sekisui House Australia to plan and operate The Westin Coolum Resort & Spa in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Slated to open in 2021, the resort will be part of a proposed mixed use development featuring retail shops and boutiques, plus luxury apartments. Ideally located on pristine Yaroomba beach, The Westin Coolum Resort & Spa will be one of very few internationally branded beachfront resorts in Australia. Starwood will work closely with Sekisui House Australia throughout the planning and design processes for the hotel.

“We are really excited to partner with Sekisui House Australia to open The Westin Coolum Resort & Spa – Australia’s first resort property under the Westin Hotels & Resorts banner, ” said Sean Hunt Vice President of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Pacific. “The Westin brand is enjoying phenomenal growth both due to its innovative wellness offerings and lifestyle. By the time it welcomes its first guests, The Westin Coolum Resort & Spa will be the first new build five star hotel to open on the Sunshine Coast in 27 years, supporting tourism growth and providing significant employment opportunities to the community.”

“We’re honored to be working with Starwood Hotels & Resorts to bring the Westin brand and its unique approach to well-being to Australia’s Sunshine Coast, ” said Toru Abe, CEO & Managing Director, Sekisui House Australia. “Our vision is to provide visitors to this popular family holiday destination with a relaxing, five-star wellness retreat and the Westin brand is an ideal fit for both the location and the development. We believe the Starwood Hotels & Resorts experience will be invaluable in arriving at a final plan for the hotel that respects the site and meets the Sunshine Coast council’s economic development needs; boosting tourism and awareness internationally for the region.”

Positioned less than 200 metres from the sea with direct access to the beach, The Westin Coolum Resort & Spawill boast 220 beautifully appointed guestrooms, including nine spacious suites, all featuring the renowned Westin Heavenly Bed®. Four inspiring dining venues, including an all-day dining restaurant and a specialty restaurant, will provide a variety of healthy culinary options, alongside the brand’s nutrient-rich and delicious SuperFoodsRx™ menus.

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