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Hotels / December 26, 2022

Wellington's former Museum Art Hotel today changes its name to QT Museum, after a $12 million makeover making it the first QT Hotel & Resort in the country.

The museum-inspired hotel has been refurbished, with soon-to-be completed rooms designed by architect Shelley Indyk. The overall design is said to be a bold backdrop to display quirky art, with a touch of Hollywood glamour.

QT Museum Wellington marks the first international property of Australian hotel and resort chain QT.

QT managing director David Seargeant says the rebranding represents evolution, whilst paying homage to the hotel's unique history.

"In acquiring this iconic hotel brimming with personality which has become a favourite for visitors and locals alike, we wanted to evolve and build on its unique character, " Seargeant said.

"We have developed this by highlighting the eclectic feel whilst ensuring the quirky character of the QT brand features strongly".

The hotel's famed art collection will continue to be displayed throughout public spaces.

Chris Parkin, former owner of Museum Art Hotel, says he is delighted QT is retaining the hotel's cultural significance.

"The QT brand aligns so well with my original vision and philosophy for the hotel.


Inside QT Museum hotel in Wellington.

Inside QT Museum hotel in Wellington.

"It's heartening to see the legacy the Museum Art Hotel has built, evolve with the stunning QT makeover and now rightfully aligned with the new name QT Museum Wellington, " he said.

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