Murray River Easter holiday tips: Mildura, Echuca, Albury, Swan

Australia Best Holiday Destinations

Holiday / April 20, 2023

Despite the huge positives that come from travelling as a family, it can be expensive and stressful which puts many parents off. There are ways to make it easier for everyone involved: short-haul flights mixed with either recognisable or exciting destinations can take the stress out of a holiday, especially when you can find a great deal.

is constantly searching for the cheapest flights out there and those, combined with conditions at the other end of the journey, make for some great family vacations.

A family of four holding hands while they jump in the air at a beach


With budget airlines connecting many of Australia's cities, the cheapest flights tend to be domestic options. We're blessed to live in a beautiful country and it's so easy to see something new by hopping over to a neighbouring state. When you travel as a family, staying in Australia has the benefits of shorter flight times and a familiarity of culture when you arrive at your destination.

Skyscanner has found that tends to be 13 weeks before departure, but there are a few exceptions (flights to Queensland are often cheapest 19 weeks before departure, for example).

As a general rule, the cheapest flights from capital cities are as follows:

From To Top route operators
Adelaide Melbourne Jetstar, Virgin Australia
Brisbane Newcastle
Darwin Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia
Perth Sydney Air Asia, British Airways, Jetstar, Virgin Australia
Brisbane/Gold Coast

New Zealand

For some Australians, it's cheaper and quicker to get to New Zealand than it is to fly to Australia's most distant airports. If you're in this situation, a flight across the Tasman not only offers better value, but you'll also find that your travel budget stretches further in New Zealand.

There's plenty to see and do in New Zealand, from its vibrant cities to its stunning scenery. Depending on the age of your children, you may be interested in trying one of the many ski resorts in Queenstown, visiting the glo worm caves in Te Anau or swimming with seals at Kaikoura. No matter where you drive, your little ones will always have something outside the window to keep them from getting bored.


When Australians think of Indonesia, they typically think of Bali. The fact that Denpasar is the only airport we can fly to directly helps, but it's also become synonymous with Australian holidays.

For some, Bali means Kuta – the party capital that is probably best avoided by families. Nearby Seminyak is a better alternative, with beautiful beaches, upmarket restaurants and shops, and some of the best family villas and resorts in Bali.

For families with younger children, another option is Sanur. The water here is calmer, making swimming a less dangerous activity. In land, Ubud shows off a completely different side of Indonesia, with its culture and contemplative nature at the fore.


A flight to Kuala Lumpur is slightly longer than one to Singapore, but the cost of a holiday in Malaysia is far cheaper than one in Singapore. Most holidays start in Kuala Lumpur, but the local low-cost carriers and incredibly modern bus network makes exploring the full country very easy.

For children, Legoland is the biggest draw, but the humongous Berjaya Times Square shopping centre (complete with cinema, theme park and archery range) and the 20th Century Fox World add a few more stops to the itinerary.


Just a short flight away, the resorts in Fiji pride themselves on their family-friendly activities. From day clubs for children to deals where kids eat, or even stay, for free, the hardest part of the holiday is picking where you get the best benefits.

While your kids are off having the time of their lives, you can get some much deserved 'me time'. Become a regular at the on-site massage parlour, take a book to the beach or stretch your legs as to move to the swim up bar.

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