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Real Housewives of Australia

Activities / November 6, 2023

Here they are!

THE best kept secret in Australian television this year was finally unveiled today, with the seven Real Housewives of Sydney making their public debut at Sydney’s Park Hyatt Hotel.

Among them are a controversial and outspoken former politician’s wife, a Miss Australia winner and an ARIA-award-winning pop singer. was at the unveiling — and we sidled up to two of the Housewives, Lisa Oldfield and Melissa Tkautz — for a rather anarchic chat. Check out their Facebook live video with Entertainment Reporter (and committed Real Housewives correspondent) Nick Bond:

Let’s meet the Housewives, shall we? Here’s how Foxtel have introduced them to the world.

Athena Levendi

Panos and Athena Levendi at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Picture: Christian GillesSource:News Corp Australia

Panos and Athena Levendi at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Picture: Christian Gilles“Spiritual, eccentric and attractive, Athena is a painter, sculptor and jewellery designer. Australian born, she grew up in Athens only to return to Australia at the age of 20. She is married to an Australian Greek jewellery designer, who owns and runs Levendi Jewellers. Together they have three children and live in their beautiful Bellevue Hill home.”

Krissy Marsh

Krissy Marsh (at left).Source:News Limited

“The quintessential Australian girl, Krissy is opinionated, warm, loyal, generous and not afraid to tell it like it is. Originally from Brisbane, she moved to Sydney for her modelling career at age 18 and never looked back. She has a love for Shanghai after living there with her family for two years. Her husband is still based there for business and she now lives in Double Bay with her three children. Krissy is a real estate agent and previously ran her own successful company which she sold.”

Krissy Marsh (at left).Lisa Oldfield

Lisa Oldfield with husband David. Photo: Adam WardSource:News Corp Australia

Here comes trouble. “Married to well known former politician David Oldfield, Lisa is no stranger to controversy and being in the spotlight. Opinionated, provocative and passionate, she is a media commentator, seasoned world traveller, astute business woman and savvy tech guru. She is also a mother of two young boys and lives on the Northern Beaches with her family.

Matty Samaei

Matty Samaei (at left). Picture: Julie KiriacoudisSource:News Corp Australia

“Known as the Beauty Expert of Sydney, Matty is the owner of The Medispa by Matty located in Double Bay. She is fun, eclectic and fair and has experienced both the highs and lows of life since moving to Australia at age 12 with her Persian family. She currently lives in Bellevue Hill with her partner and her two young daughters. Her favourite activities include shopping, travel and socialising.”

Beauty queen Nicole O’Neill.Melissa Tkautz

Melissa Tkautz: Sexy is the word.Source:News Limited

“Actress, model, singer; Melissa is a triple threat. With a career spanning over three decades she has appeared on many TV shows, over 80 magazine covers and is an ARIA award winner. She is also a mother of two young children that she raises in her Frenchs Forest home with her husband. She is an activist for many charities and when she isn’t busy juggling life as a mother, wife and career woman, she loves a catch up with her friends over champagne.”

Nicole O’Neil

Beauty queen Nicole O’Neill.Source:News Corp Australia

“The ultimate beauty queen, Nicole is beautiful, smart, well travelled and a Miss Australia winner. Born in Dubai to a Swedish mother and Lebanese father, she was raised and educated in Sydney which is where she met her husband who was a childhood friend. She now owns a flourishing event planning and production company Prêt-a-Party, with a presence in both Sydney and London. Nicole’s two daughters have had an international upbringing, being raised in both Dubai and London and she loves that they can now experience the privileged lifestyle Sydney has to offer.”

Victoria at today’s launch. Look we ain’t got no pictures of her on file, can I live??? Lisa Oldfield with husband David. Photo: Adam Ward Matty Samaei (at left). Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Melissa Tkautz: Sexy is the word.

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